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Sri Durgä-Süktam

Sri Durgä-Süktam
Taittiriya Äranyakam – IV.10.2

It is said that the obstacles in life may be overcome by chanting this Süktam. In many places of the Rgveda, we come across hymns dedicated to Agni. In Taittiriya Äranyakam, these mantras are combined into a Süktam titled Durgä-Süktam. Interestingly, the Devatä is Agni (1, 3-7). Durgä as a deity is invoked only in mantra 2 and 8.

1. ‘jätavedase sunaväma somamarätiyato nidahäti vedah|
     sa nah parshadati durgäni visvä näveva sindhum duritätyagnih||

We extract the juice of the soma creeper for (to offer as an oblation in the fire to) the Omniscient Isvara. The all-knowing Isvara destroys without a trace our (internal) enemies. May the Lord in the altar of fire (the Fire deity), who is the forerunner of the universe; help us cross the obstacles, as if a ship helps us cross the ocean. May he destroy all our worn deeds, and make us rise above them. (1)

2. ‘täm-agnivarnäm tapasä jvalantim vairocanim karmaphaleshu jushtam|
     durgäm devim(gm) saranam-aham prapadye sutarasi tarase namah’||

I surrender myself to (take refuge in) Goddess Durgä, who shining brilliantly like the fire. The Consort of the Lord manifests in a variety of forms (the Universe). The devotees propitiate Her through prayer, and enjoy the results of their actions granted by her. O Durgä!, May You help me cross (the ocean of samsära). My prostrations unto you. Kindly take me across (the ocean of samsära). (2)

3. ‘agne tvam pärayä navyo asmän svastibhir-ati durgäni visvä|
     püsca prthvi bahulä na urvi bhavä tokäya tanayäya samyoh’||

O Ever-Young Lord! Kindly confer benedictions upon us, and help us cross all the obstacles, and reach the goal (of human life). Kindly grant us auspicious residence, land, and agricultural holdings. Kindly grant prosperity to our children, and their children as well, and drive away all adversity. (3)

4. ‘visväni no durgahä jätavedas-sindhunnanävä duritäti parshi|
     agne! atrivan manasä grnäno’smäkam bodhyavitä tanünäm’||

O Lord! Kindly drive away the obstacles in our path, and eliminate all our blemishes. You are like the ship, which can take us across the ocean of samsära. Like the noble sage Atri, I constantly chant Your glory in my mind. Kindly be alert in protecting our bodies (health). (4)

5. ‘prtanäjitam(gm) sahamäna-ugram-agnim huvema paramät-sadhasthät|
     sa nah parshadati-durgäni visväkshämaddevo ati duritätygnih’||

We invoke Isvara, the forerunner of the Universe (worshipped at the altar of fire), who conquers, and destroys the armies of the enemies from His supreme abode. May He, the brilliant One, help us overcome all the obstacles (in the path of righteousness) and rise above the transient (world of objects). May He forgive our misdeeds and protect us by helping us rise above the misdeeds. (5)

6. ‘pratnoshi kamidyo adhvareshu sanäcca hotä navyasca satsi|
     sväncä’gne tanuvam piprayasväsmabhyam ca saubhagamäyajasva||

O Isvara! You spread happiness all around. You are extolled in the Vedic rituals (by the Hotä priest), and You alone are present in the form of that priest in the most ancient rituals of the gods, as well as in the present rituals of the human-beings. (or you are extolled from time immemorial, and You shower blessings on your devotees even now). Please cherish your form (as fire with the oblations, as the Universe, with grace), and satiate that form. At the same time, also bestow welfare on us. (6)

7. ‘gobhir-jushtam-ayujo nishiktam tavendra-vishnor-anusancarema|
     näkasya prshtham-abhisamvasäno vaishnavim loka iha mädayantäm||

O Lord! You pervade all, and You are untainted by any (blemish or sorrow). We worship You, and follow Your footsteps (so that we also will not be tainted). You abide happily above the heavens. We are Your people, living and serving You in this world. Kindly bestow upon us cattle-wealth, so that there will be plenty of milk (in our homes), and happiness (in our hearts). (7)

8. ‘kätyäyanäya vidmahe kanyakumäri dhimahi|
     tan-no durgih pracodayät||

We know and meditate upon Goddess Durgä, the offspring of Katya. May the Goddess, in the form of the young daughter Umä of Himavän, inspire us in that (meditation). (8)

Om Peace Peace Peace.



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